- Simple and Unique user experience -

G-Blossom is a game production group based on the above motto.         
I want people who do not normally play games to enjoy the fun of the game.         
We are making games mainly for casual games.         
We will bring out a unique experience that suits each work regardless of genre.         
Achievement titles are often smartphone applications that use characters for women.         
We would like to actively engage not only with women but also with characters.         
If you have your own character and are thinking of an app, please feel free to contact us.         
If you are not, please do not hesitate to contact us for anything related to game development.


Starry Solitaire

beautiful starry sky!
beautiful constellations!

Just Escape It!




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  1. 2022/03/15 「Starry Solitaire」Released.
  2. 2020/08/13 「パンダと犬のワンダフルライフ」released in China.
  3. 2020/05/30 「Just Escape It!」Released.
  4. 2020/03/30 「スリップパズル」released in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macau.
  5. 2020/03/23 「ココとハミュのぷらりねっと」Released.
  6. 2019/12/09 「パンダと犬のワンダフルライフ」collaborated with 「ゴーちゃん。」.(~2020/03/31)
  7. 2019/11/19 「パンダと犬のワンダフルライフ」released in Koria.
  8. 2019/11/08 「おしゅしだよ ~ぱずるやりゅよっ~」released in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macau.
  9. 2019/04/12 「パンダと犬のワンダフルライフ」Released.
  10. 2018/09/04 「おしゅしだよ ~ぱずるやりゅよっ~」Released.